Our Charter

Mission of the Kubernauts

We believe there is a lack of talent and tools that can combine subject matter expertise with cloud-native thinking and strategy to build cloud-aware applications based on microservices architectures.

Kubernauts is built as a non-profit initiative to answer mainly these questions:

  1. How do you make developers successful using Kubernetes and learn Cloud-Native Thinking and apply the right strategy?

  2. How companies can find the right Cloud-Native Experts for their domain specific needs?

  3. Which Kubernetes Install / Distro or Managed / PaaS option companies should choose?

Our mission is to create and drive the adoption of Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Thinking & Startegy and make DevOps teams as successful as possible. We believe that through training, collaborative learning and community based activities we can help foster the Kubernetes adoption.


Role of the Kubernauts

Kubernauts will serve a role in the open source community responsible for:

(a) Stewardship of the learning

Ensuring that individuals are learning the skillset needed to face a growing need for talent

(b) Promotion of the underlying technologies, and approach to application definition and management, including: events and conferences, marketing (SEM, direct marketing), training courses and developer certification

(c) Serve the community by making the technology accessible and reliable.

The foundation seeks to offer up a fully integrated and qualified build of each of the constituent pieces, on a well-defined cadence across the reference architecture.

Our Values

Kubernauts will strive to adhere to the following principles:

(a) Fast is better than slow. The foundation enables projects to progress at high velocity to support aggressive adoption by users.

(b) Open. The foundation is open and accessible, and operates independently of specific partisan interests. Kubernauts accepts all contributors based on the merit of their contributions.

(c) Fair. Kubernauts will avoid undue influence, bad behavior or “pay-to-play” decision-making.

(d) Strong technical identity. Kubernauts will achieve and maintain a high degree of its own technical identify that is shared across the projects.

(e) Clear boundaries. Kubernauts shall establish clear goals, and to help the ecosystem understand where to focus for new innovation.


Membership is open to everyone, but is not for everyone!
If you believe in Cloud Native Foundation's mission defined by CNCF's Charter and so in a new way of Cloud-Native Thinking and feel you'd like to share your knowledge as a mentor or learn from others to get ready to build the future together in your new community, we'd love to welcome you as a Kubernaut to our community.

Code of Conduct

(a)    All participants agree to abide by Kubernauts Code of Conduct.

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